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Galan Logistics invests in LNG fuelled trucks.


First route of an IVECO LNG truck behind us! The LNG-powered truck is the beginning of an investment in Galan Logistics. It is expected that we will include 30 such trucks in our fleet by 2022. As one of the largest carriers to the Scandinavian markets, we feel responsible for creating a more sustainable environment – says Konrad Galan CEO Galan Logistics. Our long-term goal is to replace all trucks with those powered by LNG. This is a direction in which I see a great opportunity for transport in Europe – adds Konrad Gałan.
LNG-powered trucks allow reducing the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere by 90 percent in relation to traditionally used diesel vehicles. Their loading capacity is not limited by the space allocated for batteries. In addition, they are very quiet and can enter any European city centre at night.
IVECO has the longest range of all LNG-powered vehicles available on the market – up to 1800 km on a single fill-up.