03 Career


In terms of company management Galan Logistics focuses on constant improvement of competences of its executive and management staff. As Galan Logistics offers a specific type of services, the company organizes trainings for all employees. The trainings provide the employees with the state-of-the-art knowledge in areas such as management, communication, negotiation and marketing. By participating in trainings and applying tools such as Non-Antagonizing Communication or Transformation Sale, employees increase their competence and improve the market competitiveness of the organization.

The current and future needs of the company in terms of employee training is to have qualified management staff. The company manager should be a good example for other employees. Our company plans to continuously increase and update professional skills and competences so that we operate effectively and efficiently. Managers learn about modern strategies and solutions adapted to the current economic market conditions. By participating in trainings employees become much more valuable resources to the company. Our goal is to improve the qualifications of employees and invest in their development.

With the newly acquired skills, employees are prepared to better perform their duties and functions. The new knowledge and skills contribute to employees performing better in their professional position and highly qualified staff enables the enterprise to become more competitive on the market.

In its long-term strategy, the company plans to invest in human capital. The increase in employee competence has already been noticed by the company’s customers. Investment in knowledge raises the company’s credibility and increases the safety of its services. The value system developed and used by Galan Logistics employees on a daily basis (commitment, consistency, respect, responsibility, integrity) allows to build a stable and trusted brand. Existing customers expect more than just carrying out the order. Galan offers them much more, exceeding their expectations.