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Jump on the bike, when if not today?



Healthy and pleasant. On the International Bicycle Day Tomasz Sobel our Development Manager came to work on a bicycle. Cycling is not only fun or pleasure – says Tomasz Sobel. It’s worth riding a bike, because we care not only about our physical condition, but also about mental health. In the multitude of duties and various tasks of everyday life, it’s worth showing with your attitude, though, that you should and you have to find time for yourself – adds Tomasz Sobel.
Public opinion polls show that as many as three quarters of Poles declare cycling. Those who ride are motivated to do so:
  • passion for cycling on two-wheelers (63%)
  • health care (55%)
  • feeling better (39%)
  • disposing of excess kilograms (26%).
So today just jump on your bike! This is the best time to try something new!
When, if not today?