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Warehouse logistics.


The pandemic caused about a quarter of the world’s population to be banned from leaving home. Internet shopping has become a necessity for many. In the last three weeks, UK consumers have spent £1 billion more on groceries and supermarket websites have been suspended due to record buyer activity. Covid-19 has completely changed the outlook and the way of thinking – what was supposed to happen in the development of the e-commerce industry across Europe in a few years, has already happened. Last year we predicted that 15 million additional sq m of logistics space will be needed in Europe over the next three years. What will happen now? Everything seems to indicate that attractive warehouses will be the so called “walked-in goods”. Our warehouse is located right on the Polish-German border. Warehouse space management is supported by modern software. Check what we can offer you.

Contact us: Przemyslaw Wiaterski, Coordinator for storage and operation Galan Logistics, przemyslaw.wiaterski@galanlogistics.pl.