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Maroko in 48 hours.


Morocco is a beautiful country where almost everything is for sale, drivers are trying to drive pedestrians around, and a moment of inattention can cause you to have a snake around your neck, a monkey on your hands and henna tattoos all over the body. Can you get to this exotic country from Europe in 48 hours? We did it in Galan Logistics. Morocco is a direction that is not popular with carriers, so we’re even more proud.  From the very beginning, the transport to another continent, to exotic destinations, was full of spiciness – says Kamila Kozinska, International and domestic forwarder of Galan Logistics. Many people were involved, from the client, through the very important driver, then the dispatcher, to the ferry department. Each of them contributed a lot to this project. As it turned out, there are a lot of unforeseen events in the execution of this type of orders, you have to be very flexible. This makes us all richer with new and valuable experience, but at the same time we also know that we can rely on each other and lift obstacles we encounter together – adds Kamila Kozińska.

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