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Galan Serwis – Why should we think about July in May?


Air conditioning – we remember about its existence when the weather forecasts announce days with temperatures above 30 degrees. However, it is the period of spring that is the ideal time for its maintenance and repair – says Radosław Fedorowski Service Manager. Unfortunately, an irregularly serviced air conditioning system leads to contamination of the vehicle’s ventilation ducts, where mould or fungus appears. They can cause allergies or respiratory infections. In addition, the lack of regular maintenance can expose us to expenses related to elements of the system, such as failure of the air conditioning compressor.

What are the most frequent repairs?

  • Installation inspection – we check whether the system has sufficient refrigerant in it,
  • temperature check – we verify the temperature level,
  • filter replacement,
  • cleaning or replacing the radiator,
  • cleaning or replacing the evaporator,
  • compressor failure, damage to expansion valves, clogging of the dust filter, damage to the radiator fan.

Take care of your safety and comfort with us. In our spring offer repair of air conditioning from 90 PLN. Contact:

Radosław Federowski
Service Manager
+48 530 395 593

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