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First half of 2020 summary.


Difficulties in business always drive innovation, just like other limitations. The only way to get out of a tight box is to make up your mind’s mind.

The first half of this year is actually difficult to sum up, because how to sum up something that can’t be compared to anything else? – asks Konrad Gałan CEO Galan Logistics. Despite the difficult and nervous market situation, our results clearly indicate the effectiveness of the adopted strategy. January and February are the same level of orders – even though there were already the beginnings of a pandemic in China.
March is a significant increase in orders. In my opinion, it was dictated by the fact that many companies filled their warehouses for fear of closing the Asian market – adds. April and May are already a drop of 20 – 30%.

What is important, our industry is evolving and in order to maintain a strong position, we have to face challenges. Technologies must go hand in hand with the increasingly innovative, but also difficult realities of a changing world. That is why at Galan Logistics we continue to automate processes.

How do we look into the future? With moderate optimism. The most important thing for us is to make our customers’ work easier, so that they can focus on continuity of production without worrying about logistics.