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Transport ADR – important elements.


In the transport of ADR materials these elements are crucial:
– sender of hazardous materials,
– carrier,
– drivers.

However, it’s the driver’s knowledge, his training, that is most important. The regulations of course regulate many issues: how to pack or label hazardous materials, define the necessary documentation and indicate how to label vehicles. The regulations also set out tasks for broadcasters, who not so long ago were treated more freely in this process. In ADR transport, however, it’s the driver who controls and is responsible for many issues, those on the road and those relating to dangerous goods.

This is why the role of safety advisor in the transport of dangerous goods is so important. At Galan Logistics, the adviser has direct contact with the ADR driver, is a support, informs about new requirements and regulations, but above all ensures the quality of the entire ADR transport process.

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