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Year: 2020


We improve skills and broaden knowledge.

At Galan Logistics we train our employees and invest in our staff. This is one of the ways for the dynamic development of the company,…

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We create the future of logistics.

Covid-19 provides innovative and alternative solutions in supply chains. It has undoubtedly accelerated the development of e-commerce in Poland. Many companies already admit that in…

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Galan Serwis – Why should we think about July in May?

Air conditioning - we remember about its existence when the weather forecasts announce days with temperatures above 30 degrees. However, it is the period of…

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Maroko in 48 hours.

Morocco is a beautiful country where almost everything is for sale, drivers are trying to drive pedestrians around, and a moment of inattention can cause…

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Warehouse logistics.

The pandemic caused about a quarter of the world's population to be banned from leaving home. Internet shopping has become a necessity for many. In…

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